Unsere gemeinsame Zukunft wird auch in der EU gestaltet. Gemeinsam mit progressiven Kräften in Europa kämpfen wir für mehr soziale Gerechtigkeit, gegen die Klimakrise und für den Rechtsstaat. Internationale Deklaration (auf englisch).

The European Union is the place where our common future is shaped: The fight against climate change, tax justice, a solidarity-based reconstruction of the economy after the pandemic, the protection of human rights, democracy and the rule of law against authoritarian forces - all this is impossible without the cooperation of all states in Europe. Social justice is only possible if we overcome the limits of competitive tendencies among nations and enforce fair rules for the economy across borders. 

This is precisely why we regret the Swiss Federal Council's decision to break off the negotiations with the European Union regarding the Institutional Framework Agreement. It is clear to us, as neighbors, that a rapid solution is needed in order to improve our good relations. Switzerland, as a European country, needs to take an important place within the European community. 

We therefore expect the EU Commission and the Swiss Federal Council to restart negotiations as soon as possible and find solutions to the problems that concern all Europeans.

Specifically, we expect the Federal Council to:

  • ensure that Switzerland finally rejoins European cohesion and that it actively supports both the reconstruction of the European economy after the coronavirus pandemic and the European Green Deal;
  • refrain from resorting to an unsolidary strategy of undercutting economic and social standards as well as to respect European rules in its foreign economic policy;
  • adopt the EU Citizenship Directive and thus to improve residence rights and access to the social safety net for all EU citizens in Switzerland.

We expect the EU Commission to:

  • provide a framework for the cooperation programmes between Switzerland and the EU, which are important for the people in Switzerland and the EU;
  • accept that Switzerland has the right to enforce an effective labour market protection scheme.

We expect from the EU Commission and the Swiss Federal Council that:

  • they resume discussions as soon as possible to find solutions for Switzerland's participation in the drafting of European law and for the enforcement of said legislation by Switzerland;
  • they link concrete projects to this endeavour in order to find political majorities. 
29. Aug 2021