The Swiss federal elections, which are due to be held on 18th of October, are crucial in the debate about the future of our nation. Major decisions need to be made on key questions: Do we want to be alienated from Europe and the rest of the world? Do we want to continue being a tax haven providing further privileges for multinational companies and wealthy individuals? Our answer is No. We want an equal distribution of the wealth which has been earned by all of us. We want to create a strong, secure and stable economy which benefits each and every one of us and not just the 'chosen' few.

Affordable housing for all

The Social Democrats oppose extortion in the dramatic hiking of rents, based on the speculative rise in cost of land. We need affordable housing for all and equal allocation of space for small and medium enterprises. 

Civil rights and political participation for all

Every Swiss resident who pays taxes and uses public services provided for them is expected to partake in political activities and embrace their civil rights, regardless of their heritage.

We say no to racism, no to discrimination

Neo racist trends that discriminate immigrants based on cultural differences and making it next to impossible to get jobs, affordable housing or necessary insurance has to stop. As Social Democrats we dedicate ourselves to the eradication of racism and discrimination.

International Solidarity, Peace and Democracy

A democratic and social society is the only way to combat the negative impacts of globalization. The Social Democrats' creed is based on international solidarity and democracy. And so it goes without saying that a fair asylum policy for refugees is part of that creed.