Hope in the Catalonia issue: Statement by SP Co-President Cédric Wermuth on today's decision by the Spanish government 

21st June 2021. / Switzerland and Spain have long-standing and excellent relations. The cooperation in the commitment of both countries to strong multilateralism and the worldwide protection of human rights is also rooted in the internationalist struggle of SP and PSOE. Therefore, together with its partners in Spain and Europe, SP has always supported a political solution for the Catalonia question. SP Switzerland is pleased to note the courageous decision of the Spanish government to pardon Catalan independence politicians. The PSOE-led government is thus opening the doors to a political process for reconciliation and stability. SP Switzerland calls on the Catalan regional government to seriously consider this offer of dialogue and expects the outstanding issues to be resolved through a constructive political process and in accordance with the rule of law. 

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