YES to facilitated third-generation naturalization!

The Social Democratic Party (SP) is committed to a united Switzerland, with a rich heritage of linguistic, religious and cultural diversity.

More than two million inhabitants do not have a Swiss passport. They live here, go to the school, playing soccer or take swimming lessons with us, they work with us, pay taxes – they are part of us, they belong like us, to Switzerland. However, these two million inhabitants are excluded from political participation, even though most of the political decisions in Parliament and at the ballot box exert a direct effect on everyone, including them.

By European standards, naturalization in Switzerland is very difficult, expensive and cumbersome. The new law on foreigner immigrants, has increased the individual hurdles one goes through during the process of naturalization. Starting from 1st January 2018 only people with C-permit can apply for a Swiss passport. This option will no longer be available for all with a B permit (it currently is). This affects 650,000 people and that is why

  • you need to participate in the YES campaign to facilitate the naturalization of third generation immigrants, which will be voted on 12 February 2017.
  • the SP Switzerland, and the SP Immigrants have launched an appeal, which includes a campaign for the naturalization of people with B permit. We want to inform, and invite people to seek our help. We want more for all, more for Switzerland. If you would like to get in touch with a naturalization consultant / a naturalization consultant of the SP, for more information, you can register here.

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